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We are the Breeders & Developers of the Sunburst Macaws.  We have produced one of the largest and most colorful Hybrid Macaws in existence. Are you looking to be the first in the industry to own the newest and brightest Hybrid Macaw? Learn more about this exciting new Macaw. We will be showing two types of this amazing Hybrid Macaw, the SunBurst Macaw, and an Extreme High Yellow Sunburst Macaw.

One of The Largest & Most Colorful Macaws in the World

About SunBurst Macaws

Hybrid Macaws

The SunBurst Macaw was developed first by Parrot Daddy in March of 2017 and offered to the public in 2021 This is the first known documented existence of this new, unique and breathtaking Hybrid Macaw. The SunBurst Macaw is an F-2 Second Generation Hybrid Macaw. We used a true Central American Scarlet Macaw crossed with the Giant Verdi Macaw to produce the Sunburst Macaw.

Our Central American Scarlet’s have longer wingspans, longer tails, bigger feet and weigh in around a whopping average of 1500 grams with lots of yellow. Our Gentle Giant Buffons weigh in at an average of 1500 to 1600 grams and more. 

This combination produces extremely large specimen hybrid Verdi Macaw’s weighing in an average of 1500 grams and more. We’ve seen our Giant Verdi Macaws as heavy as 1800 grams. 

This new hybrid Macaw has a wide array of colors. Ranging from red, red/yellow, iridescent light green, green, super dark green, green/yellow, yellow, lite blue, dark blue, orange, and more.

As with most hybrid macaws we do see color differences in every baby produced. This is an exciting feature that allows each and every baby SunBurst to be unique and special.  Almost like a fingerprint.

We plan on updating this website frequently to bring you new photos of SunBurst Macaws. We will discuss weights and different traits as we move forward. We’re sure others will try to copy this new hybrid but the chances are slim they can come up with the Pure Genetic High-Quality Specimens we used to produce this new hybrid macaw. The proof will be in the size and weight.

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